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Delta Dental PPO San Diego

At Center for Dental Restorations, we are committed to providing patients with the best in quality dental care, including offering different financing options for greater access to affordable oral care and cosmetic dentistry.

What is a PPO?

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. The Delta Dental PPO San Diego plan offers the lowest contracted fees and the ability for groups and enrollees to save in a variety of ways when visiting a network dentist. Center for Dental Restorations is part of Delta Dental Premier San Diego, but because of Delta Dental’s dual network advantage, patients on both the Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier plan can visit Dr. MacPherson and enjoy discounts and savings.

Advantages of Delta Dental PPO include:

  • Dual network access
  • Balance billing protection
  • Claims convenience
  • Many potential savings from going to a Delta Dentist professional, like Dr. Mac
  • Acceptance of 60-80% of claims received from network dentists
  • Reduced claims cost
  • More savings for enrollees

Delta Dental PPO San Diego allows patients across the area to save whether they are families, couples, or individuals. The Dental Dental Insurance program can assist patients of all ages in various professional fields with financing their oral health. We work with every client to help determine the best financing options for your unique needs.

Why Choose Dr. Mac

Dr. Mac is a board certified prosthodontist with a 97% recommendation rate among her patients. She has earned her reputation as one of San Diego’s leading prosthodontists through her commitment to patient quality care. Her friendly team are equally dedicated to helping you leave with a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts for years. We discuss what treatments are right for you based on your oral health, aesthetic goals, and budget with clarity and transparency at every stage.

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