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Reduce the Discomfort of a Misaligned Bite

Do you find yourself grinding your teeth? Are you experiencing jaw pain? The problem may be the alignment of your bite.

Your teeth are supposed to fit together in a specific way. (This is referred to as occlusion.) When your teeth do not properly align, they can cause various long-term dental problems. (This misalignment is referred to as malocclusion.)

At the Center for Dental Restorations, San Diego prosthodontist Pamela A. MacPherson, DDS, FACP can evaluate your bite and create a bite adjustment plan for you.

Signs You May Need a Bite Adjustment

There are numerous symptoms that your bite may be misaligned. You may be a candidate for a bite adjustment procedure if you suffer from:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Worn or broken teeth (not caused by trauma)
  • Pain in your jaw joints, head, or neck muscles
  • Popping of your jaw (often associated with temporomandibular joint disorder, aka TMJ/TMD)
  • Sensitivity in your teeth

If left untreated, the malocclusion could lead to more severe health problems. Don’t delay your treatment. If you think your bite needs to be adjusted call 619-294-9525 to schedule an appointment today!

Get Professional Treatment with a Gentle Touch

To treat the misalignment of your bite and rid you of related problems, Dr. MacPherson will reshape your teeth and make other necessary adjustments. Once your bite is properly aligned, your teeth will be polished.

Check out Dr. MacPherson’s testimonials to see why patients love coming to the Center for Dental Restorations for all of their dental needs. Schedule your appointment today.