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Invest in Your Dental Health with a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Many people take problem-free mouths for granted. They don’t realize that complex dental problems can:

  • Cause pain
  • Create an unattractive smile
  • Prevent you from properly opening your mouth and/or chew
  • Change the shape/support of your face

Are you suffering from any of these issues? Discover how a full-mouth reconstruction can help you reclaim your smile and give you a healthy mouth. Call 619-294-9525 to schedule an evaluation appointment at theCenter for Dental Restorations in San Diego.

Avoid the Perils of Vacation Dentistry

Professional dental work is an important investment.

Many Mexican dental offices and dentists in other countries offer “vacation dentistry” packages. They try to lure you with cheaper dental services combined with a vacation in a luxurious location. Be wary of these offers.

Too often, Dr. Pamela MacPherson has examined patients whose “cheap dentistry vacation” turned into an expensive and painful ordeal. These patients seem to get the full-mouth reconstruction they needed but, unfortunately, the work is dangerously flawed and the patient has to get the work redone at additional costs. Sometimes teeth become damaged more than they were before the reconstruction.

Good dental health is very valuable. Invest in a safe reconstructive dentistry that won’t require the correction of hazardous errors.

Restore the Function and Beauty of Your Smile

At the Center for Dental Restorations, your comprehensive dental exam will determine if you are a candidate for full-mouth reconstruction. Dr. MacPherson will also discuss with you which restorative dental treatments will be most beneficial for your specific needs. Your reconstruction may include:

Contact our San Diego dental office to schedule your smile analysis today. Investing in your dental health will allow you to enjoy a pain-free smile.